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First Public Release of dfdZazzleStore

I have released the "dfdZazzleStore" WordPress plugin. The same code also can be used as a completely stand-alone application (WordPress not required).

I have posted info about the plugin on Zazzle’s user forums.

Check out "dfdZazzleStore".

Inaugural Post

I had been considering publishing a site like this for many years. Last week, I decided to just do it already. I will publish the development projects that I have made publicly available, as well as attempt to solicit additional programming work. Times are tough, so if you like what you see, consider contracting with me for your next project.

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This site contains the openly-licensed development projects written by Darrell Dieringer. Darrell is a software developer - mainly database-related and other behind-the-scenes projects. Darrell is also and independent ballroom dance instructor.