“ZStore Publisher” is the new name for the upcoming v2.0.0 release of (what used to be called) “dfdZazzleStore”.

Current Version

ZStore Publisher v2.0.0 [ not yet available ]
dfdZazzleStore v1.102.01b [ download ]

What “ZStore Publisher” Does

Displays merchandise available from Zazzle.com (either your own products or products from the Zazzle Marketplace) on your website or WordPress blog.

How “ZStore Publisher” Works

“ZStore Publisher” works using ONE of TWO possible methods of operation:
(1) as a WordPress Blog plugin
– you must be running a WordPress blog and have the ability to install plugins.
– if using caching, you must have the ability to change write permissions on a directory
(2) as a completely stand-alone set of PHP scripts

Design Goals

  • To provide a relatively-simple system for creating one or multiple Zazzle Store Grids on a user’s website or WordPress blog.
  • To make it possible for users with little technical/programming skills to create attractive Zazzle Store Grids.
  • To conceal from the user the “mechanical” parts of how the scripts communicate with zazzle.com, allowing the user to spend more time on layout or store content.
  • To provide the wide base of WordPress users with an easy system for incorporating Zazzle Store Grids into existing site content and layout.
  • To use css to control presentation of Zazzle Store Grids.

Major Features – WORDPRESS

  • Display one or multiple Zazzle Store Grids on any Page/Post
  • Robust Admin Control Panel for configuration of each Zazzle Store Grid
  • No programming necessary
  • No complicated configuration files

Read Me Files

Live Examples

WordPress Inline Method Example

The example below demonstrates the WORDPRESS INLINE METHOD using a “Shortcode ZStore”. (See the WordPress-Specific Read Me.) You only need the ability to create or edit a Page/Post on your WordPress blog. Just configure a ZStore using the Admin Control Panel and copy the “Shortcode” into your Page/Post.

Everything below this sentence (and above the comment area) is generated by “ZStore Publisher”.

Note: example and readme links on this page will be broken until v2.0.0 is released. See dfdZazzleStore until then.

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